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Above the Influence

Teens face different types of influence every single day – some of it great, and some of it not so much. Being Above the Influence  (video link) is about recognizing those influences, thinking for yourself and making your own best decisions. If you aren’t in control, who is?

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Sports plays a role in addressing violence against women



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Father’s Day is every day when it comes to preventing violence.

Father and Son (link to video)


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Bystanders make a difference!

For the past several years there have been several initiatives in Anoka County to increase positive bystander behavior to prevent interpersonal violence. Obliviate the Hate and Green Dot are two initiatives that have met with great success in high schools. The key to being a pro-active bystander is to understand the power we each have and raise our comfort level in using that power to intervene. Read how one local team put these concepts in to practice: http://www.askcoachwolff.com/2015/03/17/heroic-athletes-a-moment-in-sports-worth-savoring/

Make your church, business, or organization part of the solution to preventing interpersonal violence! Contact Donna McDonald, Violence Prevention Coordinator at 763-422-7047 to learn more about or schedule a Green Dot training.

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Coaching for Change becomes a mandated course in Minnesota

Coaching for Change, a course developed by The Domestic/Sexual Violence Prevention Council, Men as Peacemaker’s, Gender Violence Institute, Breckenridge Productions and Minnesota High School League, was accepted as a required continuing education course for all high school coaches in the state of Minnesota. The course provides coaches with education, resources and skills in addressing sexual/domestic/teen dating violence, harassment, and bullying. A parallel course for community coaches that work with younger kids is almost ready for release as well.

The course is also featured on Joe Ehrmann’s nationally popular “Coach For America” site under “In the Spotlight”. Check out this innovative new resource for high school coaches.

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What does Yoga have to do with sexual violence?

April is Sexual Violence Prevention month. The Domestic & Sexual Violence Coalition of Anoka County is sponsoring a YOGA FOR EVERYONE event at the Emma B. Howe YMCA on April 21. Check out the flyer and learn how this popular form of exercise and relaxation can also be helpful to those who experience trauma in their lives.

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ACES has been said to flip the question from “what is wrong with you?” to “what happened to you?” The Adverse Childhood Effects Study is doing much to inform our communities on how certain experiences in childhood may contribute to lifelong health risk behaviors and chronic health conditions.  The original study, done by Kaiser Permanente, was done by the MN Department of Public Health.  Here is what ACEs looks like in MN: ACE_ExecutiveSummary MN1

To read more go to the  MN Department of Health website.

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Keeping our elders safe

Unfortunately there are more and more reports of elderly people in crisis or danger, many times from their caretaker.  Learn more about signs and symptoms and what you can do if you feel you need to make a report at www.safemn.org.

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Violence as an infectious Disease

Gary Slutkin spent a decade fighting tuberculosis, cholera and AIDS epidemics in Africa. When he returned to the United States, he thought he’d escape brutal epidemic deaths. But then he began to look more carefully at gun violence, noting that its spread followed the patterns of infectious diseases. A mind-flipping look at a problem that too many communities have accepted as a given. We’ve reversed the impact of so many diseases, says Slutkin, and we can do the same with violence. Learn more directly from Dr. Slutkin Link:  http://www.ted.com/talks/gary_slutkin_let_s_treat_violence_like_a_contagious_disease.html?utm_source=newsletter_daily&utm_campaign=daily&utm_medium=email&utm_content=button__2013-1010

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