! An abuser may be able to see what you are viewing.  Please use a computer that he/she cannot access.

Why should I worry about kids and pornography? Those two words don’t even SOUND right together!

Pornography: The Impact on Children (Professionals Training)  Click to learn more

Birds and Bees & Pornography ( A Parents/Community Members Training)  Click to learn more

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Teaching Safety Skills Presentation

Anoka County Child Abuse Prevention Council Presents “Teaching Safety Skills”            April 19, 2016.

Talks on personal and online safety does not have to be top-down, heavy, or scary. This     workshop provides caregivers with practical tools they can use in talking about online and  personal safety concerns with youth of all ages in a positive and empowering way.

For more information:  AC child abuse prevention council flyer


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Be A Model Man!

With the Super Bowl 50 activities as the backdrop, we’re inviting men to model healthy behavior and respect towards women and children.

It is time to change what it means to “Be a Man”  and  step up to the challenge. Check out:  #BeAModelMan



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Above the Influence

Teens face different types of influence every single day – some of it great, and some of it not so much. Being Above the Influence  (video link) is about recognizing those influences, thinking for yourself and making your own best decisions. If you aren’t in control, who is?

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Sports plays a role in addressing violence against women



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Coaching for Change becomes a mandated course in Minnesota

Coaching for Change, a course developed by The Domestic/Sexual Violence Prevention Council, Men as Peacemaker’s, Gender Violence Institute, Breckenridge Productions and Minnesota High School League, was accepted as a required continuing education course for all high school coaches in the state of Minnesota. The course provides coaches with education, resources and skills in addressing sexual/domestic/teen dating violence, harassment, and bullying. A parallel course for community coaches that work with younger kids is almost ready for release as well.

The course is also featured on Joe Ehrmann’s nationally popular “Coach For America” site under “In the Spotlight”. Check out this innovative new resource for high school coaches.

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