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The Alliance for a Violence-Free Anoka County

The Alliance for a Violence-Free Anoka CountyOur mission is to provide the opportunity for all people of Anoka County to work, play, live and grow in a safe, respectful environment free from violence.  Please download our brochure to learn more about violence.

The Alliance will assist our communities to end violence in our families and neighborhoods through education and implementation of violence prevention strategies.

The Alliance for a Violence-Free Anoka County, administered through the County, is a coalition of individuals and groups working on violence prevention through topic-specific action teams.  They include:

  • Child Maltreatment: Anoka County Child Abuse Prevention Council
  • Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence: Anoka County Domestic Violence Council
  • Elder Abuse: Elder/Vulnerable Adult Action Team
  • Family Violence Prevention and the Faith Community Role: Partners for Faith in Peace
  • Sexual Violence: Sexual Assault Action Team of Anoka County

To learn more about any of the action teams, click on the buttons below photos.